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China should realize


Governance system that the Chinese Communist Party dominated China for nearly 70 years , is an ever system that can not be happy their own people , no matter how much they denied.

At any age , the concentration system of mighty power has been always forced the anguish to the people.

This is because , the concentration system of mighty power is inconsistent with "the Law of Nature".

At the biological world , harmony by segregation is a natural state.

Society to be maintained by forcing such as detention , torture and brainwashing , is a society against the Low of nature.

The concept of "Human Rights" has been followed since the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776.

Human Rights is the concept of minimum necessary rights such as freedom , equality , safety , and the rights to live.

This concept of the Human Rights is "the Natural Rights" that are universal and inherent for human being. It is the indispensable and fundamental rights for human life.

After that , the concepts of the Human Rights have been grown , and now , encompass such as environmental rights and minority rights , have come to be shared in liberal societies in the world.

The system that can guarantee the Natural Rights is the system that meets the Law of Nature.

On the contrary , there is no Human Rights in the countries that force the people externally hegemony and expansion principle.

Because the states which do not recognize the other people's Human Rights do not allow as well their own people's Human Rights.

The Chinese government and the Chinese Army should recognize that they demolish the Chinese people's Human Rights as well as foreign citizens' Human Rights.

History shows us that the government which afflicts their own people will certainly be ruined.

If they want to survive , they should immediately abandon the hegemony principle.

Their nation may be greater if they build friendly relations with neighboring nations and cooperate mutually.

We would have future views in the span of one or two thousand years , rather than one or two hundred years.

Looking back the past history , China had prospered and been respected by neighboring countries while China remained in the Central Plains.

Remember the miserable end of Qing dynasty which has achieved the maximum territory by territorial expansion principle.

In order not to repeat the same folly , China should realize "Human-Rightization"as soon as possible , and should be reborn as a nation that values liberty and peace.

China should pursue the nation that is respected by the world , rather than pursue the major powers and hegemony.

China should realize "Human-Rightization" in order to develop and realize prosperity of the next two thousand years.


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